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How do I get started?
The easiest way is to go to a gallery, take some photos of the art in it and its labels, and to note down the prices. Once you’re back in front of enter the artist’s name to see what we have here. If they’re already in the database, you can move directly to their work.  If not, add their name and start adding your stuff.

What should I do if the artwork has already been registered?
Perfect.  You can update the prices, edit any information that needs editing and add other valuable data on the artist or their work.

What does artapa stand for?
Nothing really.  It just sounds nice and has the word ‘art’ in it.  Artapa is also a town in Azerbaijan (population 8667), if you’re interested.

Is the information on artapa correct?
The artapa database is updated every day by real art fans. Everybody’s free to modify any given information and prices. What’s more, subscribing galleries are informed about new input on works in their collection, and artapa gives each gallery manager the chance to adjust, add and contribute information. Most of all, if you see something amiss – correct it!

Can I restrict who can see what I put up?
No. Any information you contribute is for whoever wants to see it. That’s what gives the site such a good overview on art prices, not just at auctions but also in galleries and fairs. It is of course a useful personal tool to keep track of particular works that interest you. For that, ‘connoisseur’ users have the ‘my works’ function, so you can customise the site to suit your exact needs.

Why should I publish the price of XYZ in gallery ABC?
Why not? The price of an artwork in a specific gallery is not a secret. If you didn’t buy the work for yourself, why not share the price with other art lovers?  You never know when you might need the same sort of information in the future.
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