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ARTAPA - the online art price database that anyone can add to                 

Welcome to Artapa

Artapa is a free online art price database that anyone can contribute to. Our goal is to create one easy space online where art lovers and galleries can keep track of artworks, artists and prices. A sort "little black book", that isn't black or a book. Or little, to think of it. We are now several months online, and we're growing all the time.

How does it work?
Much as we'd like to, nobody's got time to visit every gallery. But by pooling our resources, we can put together a clearer picture of all that's going on in the art world. By contributing your knowledge, you'll be encouraging other to contribute theirs. That means everyone can:

  • Compare prices on specific artists and works
  • Group favourite works by price and price evolution
  • Search for artists, and compare prices on their work
  • Get the latest information on new works, sales, events, etc


Getting started
The best way to get a feel for what goes on here is to try a few searches. Click on 'database' on the left, and search for artworks or artists by name, date or place. It's live search, so results appear as you type. You can then read, and correct, whatever you find. You probably also ought to register because the more you contribute, the more clearance you have to change things on the site.
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