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Our free online database on art values offers an excellent source on art prices and artwork in general. Anyone can add and update our database and we are counting on all fellow art lovers to share their knowledge on art values.

In addition to keeping you informed on art values, Artapa's database also keeps you updated on new works of art, sales, auctions and other events related to art. However, in order to stay up to date with current art values and events we need you to contribute your knowledge. Anyone, ranging from art communities, art institutions, auctioneers, galleries, museum, trust and foundations to amateur art lovers can share their knowledge. Everybody is free to modify and to submit information on art values.

We created this database on art values to enable fellow art lovers - be it professionals or amateurs - to broaden the knowledge on art values. The database will give you a clear insight of current market values and where your favourite work of art is located, enabling you to compare art values of artworks by different artists or an entire collection by a single artist.

Our database on art values is user friendly and to add information you don't even have to register. However, if you register you'll be able to change more things in the database. When a work of art has already been listed in the database you can update the art values, edit or add any information on the artist or their work.

The more information you can contribute the more our database will grow, containing facts and prices. All user start off by being a starter, enabling you to add any works of art and art values. If you contribute more than 20 works of art within a year, you'll be upgraded to 'connoisseur', giving you access to the 'my works' tool which will enable you to organize your favourite or current works of art and their art values. You are recognized as a real specialist if you contribute more than 50 works of art and you will be notified of any new input concerning the artworks you submitted to the database.

In addition to the database containing art values, we also list related web links, enabling you to stay informed of what's going on in the art world.

Join us now and share you knowledge on art values and more!

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