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Prices of art

Artapa is a free online database containing the prices of art. All users can contribute to the database to share their knowledge on prices of art. Anyone who is into art can submit their information on artworks, artists, galleries and the prices of art, ranging from museums, art galleries to art lovers in general.

You can easily submit prices of art to the database and you dont even have to register. However, by registering you will have more access to change different things.

Getting started is easy as the database - which contains the prices of art - is user friendly and you can search by title or artists name, date or place, providing everybody with the latest developments of the prices of art in the art market. You can group your works of art or artists to your choice and obtain information on biographical data, images, galleries, auctions and other art related events. You can then simply add or correct any information in the database. Registering will enable you to have access to change more information on the site. To add any information you enter the artists name of your choice and check the available information in the database. If the artist has already been submitted to the database you directly move on to their work. If their name doesnt come up in the database simply click on add new artwork or add new artist and add all the information you have. Besides adding general information and prices of art, you can also add a new gallery which will allow us to create and share a substantial network on galleries and therefore increasing your knowledge on the prices of art.

Our aim is to create an accessible space online where anyone can compare the prices of art, enabling all fellow art lovers to keep track of artworks, artists and prices and to gain a more transparent view of the art market.

Not only do we ask our users to submit information concerning the prices of art but also to add new galleries, auctions, sales and other art related events. We also welcome web links so that you can share your favourite websites on art with fellow art lovers.

Join us today to contribute your knowledge on the prices of art!

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