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You can print art prices at Artapa!

Print art prices

You can contribute your knowledge on art and print art prices at! Our goal is to create an ever-growing online database which anyone can use for free to print art prices. This will enable all fellow art lovers to research artwork easier and will make the art market more transparent for you to compare.

All users have access to print art prices and to group favourite artists and their works of art and the galleries where the art is located. However, there is more that you can do than just print art prices. Anyone can add new artists, artworks and galleries to the database, ranging from art galleries to museums and from professionals to amateur art lovers, we welcome you all to add new information to the database, enabling everybody to print art prices directly from the database.

You dont even have to register to be able to print art prices or add new artworks. However, if you register this will enable you to make more changes to the database. All users start off by being a starter and you can reach the level of connoisseur by submitting 20 works of art per year. This will also allow you to access the my works tool which will enable you to organize the site to suite your exact needs. We regard you as a real specialist if you submit more than 50 new entries on artworks. Additional advantages are that you will be informed of any recent new artworks which might be of interest to you and you can be notified if other users make changes to the works of art you originally submitted. So theres a whole lot more than simply the option to print art prices: you can organize your favourite artworks, artists, art prices and galleries to give you a clear overview on art prices and simultaneously be kept up to date of auctions, new art galleries, sales and other art related events.

We also welcome you to contribute any useful web links to the site to share your favourite hotspots on the internet!

Join us today to share your knowledge and to print art prices of your favourite works of art!

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