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The most important thing about Artapa is
You have knowledge that someone else might find invaluable - even if it doesn't seem that important to you right now. So the more you contribute, the more other people will do the same. And the more everyone benefits from a diverse, trustworthy source of facts and prices. In short, you'll get out much more than you put in.

The Artapa community
We're organised around a simple hierarchy. Depending on how active you are on the site, you'll enjoy different advantages.

Everyone who comes to artapa is a starter. You don't need to register or ask anyone's permission. You can add artworks, and add prices to existing works in complete anonymity. However, you have to register if you want to edit existing works and artists, or to add comments. So if you're interested in the art as well the price and where it's hanging - and we're sure you are- it makes sense to sign up.

If you contribute more than 20 artworks within a year, you'll be upgraded to 'connoisseur' status. This gives you access to the 'My works' tool, which makes organising your favourite or current works easy. (You just drag them onto the 'my works' box on the left.) If you contribute more than 50 works, you'll be recognised as a real specialist. You'll become one of the key references on the site. Artapa will make sure you're the first to know about new works or artists that may of interest. (Use the 'keep me informed' button to set your preferences. You can also sign up to our alerts service, which notifies you of any new input on your artists.

If you'd be interested in advertising, banners and preferential positioning for your gallery, feel free to contact us at any time.
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